What is this?

This script is an eMule Control Panel for xbmc (xbox media center), this is not an edonkey client... you need to have already installed eMule somewhere in the network

Where can I download last version?
Sourceforge site...
What can I do?
You can check:
- current connection server name / server user / server files number
- upload/download speed
- upload/download speed limits

You can:
- search something (only by name...)
- start download of something
- cancel current download
- view file info (all info you can see on file in web control panel)
- change downlod/upload limits
Which versions of eMule are supported?
Each version of eMule need a specific web template (necessary in eMule) and one plugin, in main package there are templates and plugins for:

eMule >= 0.46ceMuleXML.tmpleMule.py
eMule < 0.46ceMuleXMLbefore46c.tmpleMulebefore46c.py
eMulePlus < 1.2eMulePlus.tmpleMulePlus.py
eMulePlus >= 1.2eMulePlus_v_1_2.tmpleMulePlus_v_1_2.py
MorphXT v6.7eMuleXML.tmpleMule.py

From release 0.46c eMule is using a new web interface like eMule+ (see change log of eMule)
Many eMule mods use the same template of eMule sooo.... you can try to use eMule template and plugin :-)
More info?
I'm sambarza and we can talk about this at: XBMC-ECP (eMule Control Panel) on www.xboxmediaplayer.de
How looks like? screenshots?

Something like this:
(more screenshots here)